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Joanne’s blog: 2016 in review

15 December 2016

My first blog in January was titled ‘No More Normal’ – a title that now seems rather prescient. In retrospect perhaps we can say we should all have seen it coming but there can be few of us who anticipated the result of the EU Referendum or the US Election. The status quo has changed but to what is not yet clear.  And you’d be forgiven for....

Automatic Enrolment Problems? The PLSA Has A Pension Solution: My blog for Small Business Saturday

01 December 2016

Last year I blogged about how we have to make automatic enrolment easy for small businesses, which is why we launched a specifically designed service called Pension Solution. Since then, over 300,000 employers including thousands of small businesses have automatically enrolled 7 million workers into a workplace pension scheme...

Joanne’s blog: Time for optimism

07 October 2016

We’re at that point in the PLSA’s calendar when preparation for this year’s Annual Conference & Exhibition at the ACC in Liverpool dominates our work. We’re briefing our speakers about what’s most important to all of you; putting together our policy publications; working with sponsors of the Made Simple Guides; preparing for the launch of...

Joanne’s blog: Understanding LISA

27 April 2016

At one of our conferences last year, a panel session on consumer engagement in pensions went off into familiar arguments on the importance of financial education when a journalist said existing parts of the curriculum should make way for more education on money, economics and pensions. I’ve heard this plenty of times before, usually made with unromantic suggestion that...

Joanne’s blog: No more normal

29 January 2016

When we relaunched this Association last year we set out a clear and simple goal for our work: to help everyone achieve a better income in retirement. That doesn’t mean at retirement. It doesn’t mean our work ends when people reach the end of their working lives and start spending their pensions savings. It means throughout retirement. People need that support since our...