The world of investment has become ever more complex in recent years, partly due to the financial engineering, (such as Quantitative EasingQuantitative EasingQuantitative Easing is a monetary policy used by governments and central banks which involves buying (usually) government bonds. QE is aimed at increasing the amount of money in the economy, thereby supporting growth during times of economic stress. QE has led to asset price increases, whereby equity and bond prices have been supported. As a result of QE in the UK, bond yields reached historically low yields.), employed by governments and central banks, and partly due to regulatory changes.

At the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association we take a proactive role in all aspects of investments. We work with our members, government, the regulators and the investment community to inform, consult and represent investment views across all forums involved in the pension industry.

Our objective is to ensure that pension funds are armed with information regarding suitable investments and have a collective voice on proposed changes to investment regulation.


Investment Insight series

The Investment Insight series is designed to provide information on new assets, strategies and regulation that impact pension schemes’ investment choices...


Measuring the investment performance of money managers is a critical part of the investment process. Consistent reporting, analysis and...

Use of dealing commission

The effective and transparent use of good quality investment research is of benefit to our pension fund members...