Although the top item on the PLSA’s EU agenda is to ensure a good Brexit outcome for pension schemes, the PLSA continues to engage closely with the EU institutions to ensure our members’ views are heard in Brussels and Frankfurt.

We work closely with policy-makers in the European Commission, European Parliament and European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA).

The PLSA is also a member of PensionsEurope, the Europe-wide federation of national pensions associations.

  • The EU has recently completed a revision of the main European legislation on workplace pensions – the ‘IORP Directive’, although we await clarification on whether ‘IORP II’ will be implemented in a post-Brexit UK.
  • The European Commission is now working on plans for an EU-wide framework for personal pensions. This looks set to be a key EU priority over the next few years.
  • Meanwhile, pension investors need to pay close attention to EU financial markets rules such as EMIR (on derivatives) and MIFID II.

James Walsh

By James Walsh
Policy Lead: EU & International


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