Stewardship Central

This page provides the tools to equip asset owners, particularly pension funds, to be able to understand and fulfil their stewardship responsibilities.

The tools available include:

The Stewardship Disclosure Framework
These Frameworks enable an at a glance understanding of the different approaches taken to stewardship by various asset managers.

Stewardship Accountability Forums
These regular Forums provide pension funds of all sizes with the opportunity to collectively question the senior figures within leading asset management firms about their approaches to being good stewards of their client's assets.

Our Stewardship Policy
This includes our principles for stewardship best practice

The Stewardship Code implementation questionnaire
This questionnaire provides a framework through which pension funds can disclose their commitment to the Stewardship Code. Funds may wish to complete and submit this document to the FRC.

Our aide-memoire crib-sheet
This provides trustees with a series of questions to consider when speaking with their current and prospective investment managers.


In January 2015 sixteen UK pension funds published a Guide to Responsible Investment Reporting in Public Equity. Good quality reporting can help improve the transparency and accountability between asset owners and their fund managers and as such the guide has been developed as part of the pension funds wider efforts to include responsible investing in fund manager selection and monitoring processes.Download below.

Stewardship Survey

Our annual survey of PLSA members examines pension funds attitudes towards responsible investment and looks at stewardship practices across the industry. Download the survey below.


ESG risk in default funds: analysis of the UK’s DC pension market

21 February 2017

The number of savers enrolled in DC workplace schemes in the UK is expected to rise to 17 million (up from 11 million today) while the aggregate pension pot value is forecasted to reach £554 billion by 2030, and could potentially be as high as £914 billion...

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PLSA Corporate Governance Policy and Voting Guidelines

18 January 2017

Members of the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association have a clear interest in promoting the success of the companies in which they invest. As a consequence of this, we have long considered that one of our prime functions is to support members in engaging with investee companies..

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Stewardship Survey 2016

19 December 2015

This report presents the findings of the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association’s annual survey of pension funds engagement with investee companies and their approach to responsible investment and stewardship. The core findings of this year’s Engagement Survey include...

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Guide to Responsible Investment reporting in Public Equity Published

23 January 2015

A Guide to Responsible Investment Reporting in Public Equity has been produced by sixteen UK pension funds with assets over £200 billion. Responsible Investment reporting can help...

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